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Diasera is a beautiful world filled with many timeless adventures, but with any world, Diasera has its problems. This world is locked in an endless battle against ideals, power, and greed. There are two main superpowers currently that are fighting against each other, and have been for thousands of years. One side, the country of Magus, believes that Magic and its many sub-forms is the future of this world and dedicates its prosperity to it. The other side, Simourghia, believes the future of Diasera lies within the future technology and advancements of their country, and focus on the material world of Diasera living independent from Magic and tethers to otherworldly planes. Both countries have their ups and their downs, their positives and their negatives, and their advantages and their flaws; but their never ending war has put a toll on the land and its people.


Magus is a great nation of Mages, Wizards, and Scholars alike. Many people travel to the various Academies of Magus to learn about Magic and its many ways. Social status in Magus is measured by how well you can use Magic, and the top Mages prosper and live fruitful lives. The people in Magus who can’t use Magic are on the bottom of the spectrum and are treated poorly. They are called Iustos by the mages and are normally kept in segregated areas of the country. Many Iustos work as slaves for the Mages and are forced to do manual labor in horrible conditions with little to no pay. Iustos are not allowed most of the privileges that the Mages are, and are mostly treated like animals. Many Iustos have fled into Terra building small settlements fending for themselves or have resorted to thieving and becoming bandits. The way the Iustos are treated is one of the most prevalent problems of Magus.


Magus’s government system is run by the top Academies of Magus. The Top Academy has the privilege to control the other Academies, the military, and the students are regarded as the highest social class. The other top academies run the other city-states of Magus and loyally follow the top academy. The current Top Academy in Magus is the Multhran Academy, and so Multhran Academy controls all the aspects of Magus and the people within. The other top academies that control City-states are the Gannis Academy, Aquaivus Academy, and the Atlas Academy. Each of these Academies work with Multhran Academy to maintain Magus and work together to help the country prosper.
Each season, the nation holds standardized tests in all of the academies to see various things about the country. The test in the winter is the Test of Valor. This test sees who not only is adept in knowledge of magic, but also in combat as well. If a student scores high enough, they have the choice of becoming a Soldier of Magus and go to Drak for military training school. The test in the spring is the Aptitude test. This test is to find the most skillful mages of Magus. The score of your Aptitude test decides what Academies you are able to enter. The summer test is the Entrance exam test. This test determines if you are accepted into the Academy you applied for from the Aptitude test. Also depending on your combined score of your Aptitude test and your Entrance exam, your government position in the school is decided. The autumn test is the Disputal exam. This exam determines the top academies of Magus and what academies have authority over. This test is based on a school-wide score instead of an individual score, but the individual score is taken into account as well. Students who score well on all of the tests are put down in permanent record for scouters of the Investigative Core to find. The Investigative Core is an elite group of Mages who dedicate their time and study towards new advancements in Magic. The Investigative Core are provided the best supplies of all of Magus by the top academies and are allowed the most rights in Magus besides the top academies. The top academies and the Investigative Core are treated like royalty by the commoners of Magus. The students that are down in permanent record also have the chance to apply for the Magus Olympics that take place every 5 years. The Magus Olympics are a series of sport events focused on the various aspects of Magic. Winning an event for your Academy gives your Academy praise and raises its popularity and power, and you will also be treated as a celebrity and given many rewards.


Magus has 5 City-states occupied and governed by the top academies. They are Multhrania (controlled by Multhran Academy), Aquaivam (controlled by Aquaivus Academy), Ignus (controlled by Gannis Academy), Phorhaven (controlled by Atlas Academy), and Drak (Controlled by Magus Military Academy). Between all these City-States and settlements is the many wildernesses known as Terras. Terras are mainly avoided because of all the dangerous terrain and creatures that live there, not to mention bandits and dangerous Iustos who have escaped the clutches of the mages.

Multhrania is the City-state with the highest population, and is also home to the Multhran Academy City, which is located on Multhran Island off to the west of the mainland. Multhran Island has a very tropical climate with warm temperature all year round with tropical storms that come occasionally from the west. Multhran Academy City is the largest city in all of Magus and surprisingly enough, the lowest population. Multhran Academy City is exclusively closed off to anyone other than Multhran Academy students and members of the Investigative Core. Multhran Academy is run by Cassius Alexander Multhran the VII, a High Elf belonging to a long chain of hierarchy, the Multhran family. He and his advisors, the student council of Multhran Academy, run the country and all its retainers. The other major city on Multhran Island towards the south end of the island is Leorre. Leorre is home to the Magus Colosseum where the Magus Olympics take place every 5 years to test the skills of young mages in fair sport. South East of Leorre, in the mainland, is Tin Town, a small but lively town known for its Tin golem’s powered by magic that inhabit the area. East of Tin Town is the town of Barldek, home to the lost race of gnomes known as Barldekians. These gnomes have many mysteries about them, and can be quite hostile. Few dare to tread through Barldek to get to the city of Leasium eastward. Leasium is a prosperous market town known for its vast selection of magic tools and accessories. Northwest of Leasium is the Multhran V Port-town. Built by Multhran V and his men with nothing but magic and alchemy, this town is used as a resort area for relaxing and leisure. The town, however, is often invaded by the orc encampment nearby and needs to be cleansed every so often. No one knows how the orc encampment keeps reappearing, and many local residents have given up on a reason and just rid the area of the orcs each time they appear. Directly south of Leasium is the town of Yviette. Yviette is a town full of pain and turmoil as it is normally the center off civil rights abuse. Gangs run Iustos human trafficking rings and keep the town in check with fear. Multhran has taken no effort towards the restoration of Yviette simply because the town is mostly populated by Iustos and have taken little to no care for the area. All the way to the east of Leasium is the Crysium Cave. Crysium Cave is the largest known cave in Diasera and has many sections of the cave that have not yet been discovered because of the deadly toxic gas Crysium that is produced in the deepest wells of the cave. Those who inhale Crysium begin forming crystals within their lungs which then crystallize and spread throughout their entire body until they become crystals themselves. The farthest room any adventurer has ever gotten down the cave is covered in crystals thought to be other adventurers who have failed, and the room was dubbed “The Stunning Cemetery” for the sheer amount of mental shock that occurs in the adventurers who make it at the utter extent of the crystals that form.

Aquaivam is governed by the Aquaivus Academy, the top 4th school in Magus. Aquaivus Academy is led by Selaphus Gjinn, an elf who is believed to come from the lost city of Yaan, a city known for its technology beyond its time. Aquaivam is mostly marshland, known as Fenli Swamp, with a warm and coastal climate, and many of the establishments in Aquaivam are submerged in water, including the entire Aquaivus Academy City. There are rumors that Selaphus herself keeps the water from pouring down on all the cities. Aquaivus Academy City is known for its unrivaled and astonishing beauty and is a famous tourist spot for many. To the south, in the Aquaivam Peninsula, is the port city known as Lumesa. An old tale in Lumesa is of a Metallic Guardian that protects a shrine deep within the Fenli Swamp. Within the shrine are said to be untold treasures beyond an adventurer’s wildest dreams and a shrine maiden who will bless you with eternal youth, immortality, and the power of gods. Some say the shrine maiden created the guardian to combat her loneliness and is waiting for the perfect prince charming to capture her from her duties, but that is mostly a tale amongst drunken bachelors. None has ever located where this shrine is, but there are many clues as to where it might be within the thick forest.

Ignaem is the second largest City-state in Magus, the first being Multhrania. Ignaem has a very dry climate without much rainfall and is mainly rocky hills and canyons. In the center of the City-state is the Ignaem Desert. Ignaem Desert was not formed naturally over time, but was the result of an object from the Realm of Gods that was launched into the center of Ignaem, crashing deep into the once oasis thousands years ago, and creating a crater the size of “a thousand krakens”. The resulting aftermath of the crash caused the crater area to become a caustic and volcanic and the land around to become a dry and arid desert. The crater itself is uninhabitable as fiery monsters have made the area their habitat, but the resulting desert is still inhabited and underground wells have been discovered under the dry rock and dust. Cities have developed on top of these wells as well as completely underground settlements. Gannis Academy runs Ignaem and Gannis Academy City is an example of cities that have formed on top of an underground well. The mages at Gannis have created a way for the water to flow upwards using artificial geysers, ponds, and springs. Gannis Academy is run by Mussef Gannis Harmonh. He is a large and hearty man with a guttural laugh and “The Best Mustache in all of Magus,” proclaimed by himself and his students. Ignus City, which is east of Gannis Academy City is the largest underground city in Magus and contains one of the few Dwarven communities that use magic as the majority of the population. Scattered throughout Ignus are a few underground Iustos settlements who have shut themselves off from the rest of the world for many centuries and have sustained themselves simply from living underground.

Phorhaven is run by the Atlas Academy. Phorhaven has a wide variety of climate due to its high elevation. Southern Phorhaven consists of a vast plain that rises in elevation the more north you go. Northern Phorhaven is a tundra where even the dragons are frozen. Heavy snowfall year-round bombards the frozen northern side, yet many have adapted to these conditions. Atlas Academy City is near the coast of northern Phorhaven, and the students are forced to learn how to use magic to protect themselves through the cold or they will die. Atlas Academy is run by Myhn Atlas, an old gray elf who has lived in the harsh conditions of Phorhaven for hundreds of years, apparently. On the Phorhaven peninsula, which is believed to be made completely of ice, is the Investigation Core Headquarters. At the ICH, there is very high security spells and defensives to prevent anyone from entering besides members of the Investigation Core. No one who is not a member of the Investigation Core has ever made it into the Headquarters, and people prefer not to attempt to infiltrate it because of the certain death that will occur. North of Phorhaven is Mount Bomellie, the tallest mountain in Diasera, along with the rest of the Bomellie Mountain Range. Bomellie Mountain Range, one of the many Terras of Magus, is a large habitat for dragons. The bigger mountains are often conquered by the strongest dragon. Mount Bomellie is conquered by Bomellie the Bodacious, an ice dragon who has believed to live since the creation of Magus itself. Bomellie is the largest and most intelligent dragon recorded to live in Diasera currently, and has formed peace treaties with Magus to insure rights to his mountain home and for non-hostile relations with neighboring cities and towns. Bomellie’s power is said to be akin to a God’s, if not greater.

Terras are the neutral pieces of land where no Academies have laid claim to. All of the Terras have different climate and ecosystems. The Bomellie Mountain Range is one of the most famous Terras due to its population of dragons. Many adventurers travel through the mountain range to defeat the dragons of the mountains and claim their treasure, but only few have succeeded. The mountain range is like a whole new world itself with laws that the dragons have set themselves. Sometime conflicts arise between them and mighty wars break out between them that can be heard throughout all of Magus. Weaker dragons often migrate from the mountain range to pillage villages and to devour livestock and people. Dragons who have built up treasure through pillaging search for a mountain in the range to claim for their own, and often territorial fights break out as well. The mountains of Bomellie Mountain Range have been known to contain vast amounts of hidden magic energy within them that dragons harness once they have claimed them and gain immense power. The people of Magus have not yet found a way to collect the magic energy locked within the mountains, but daring researchers go into the mountains and try to find out every day. Leech Forest, another famous Terra, is a vast, thick and deadly jungle. Leech Forest is home to some of the most venomous plants and animals in Diasera, and not many people walk out of Leech Forest alive. There are also very many ingredients used in potion making, herbalism, and etc. found in this jungle. Many Orc, Goblin, and Sahuagin camps can be found throughout Leech Forest and large riches and rare treasures can be found deep within them, but the monsters are stronger and smarter in the jungle because of the adaptation they have gone through for many years of living in the jungle. All of the creatures, in fact, are stronger than their ancestors because of the jungle effect. One of the most unique Terras is the ruined city Caelum. These ruins are high up in the sky and many buildings are sealed off with no way through. There are many legends, myths, and mysteries around these ruins, yet no one has ever been inside them to confirm any of the rumors. The most common belief is that the ruins came from the Realm of Gods and are some form of transportation to and from the Realm of Gods. This belief is supported by the fact that the material from the object that crashed into Ignaem is identical to the one the ruins are made out of. Every few years, a phenomenon occurs at the ruins where a large beam of light is shot into the Realm of Gods Westward. This occurrence is unexplainable, even though many have researched it for years. Terras are lands of mystery and danger.

Drak is controlled by the Magus Military Academy. The Magus Military’s Admiral Grogs Raugus acts as a governor of Drak as well as commander of the Magus Military. Drak is also a war-field, as Simourgh forces sometimes reach the coast of Drak depending on the tide of war at the time. The Magus Military Training Academy is located on the south side of Drak. This is where all of the soldiers go to train in war tactics. Soldiers who have applied are put under rigorous training to hone their bodies and as well as their skill in combat and magic to fight on the front lines. Iustos are also sometimes deployed as ground troop units such as medics or cannon-fodder sadly. Also on the coast of Drak is the Magus International Port, where international trade is done and where registration for immigrants wanting to become scholars are. All the way up north, just a few miles away from the border of a Terra is the Iustos Imprisonment camp. Here, Iustos are captured and brought here until they are either purchased or put to work by the government. The Iustos are put into living conditions that livestock are put in and are treated the worst. Iustos that die are just thrown into the Terra for the monsters to feed on their corpses. Since the camp is so close to a Terra, they are often invaded by creatures from it. Each invasion, many Iustos die terrible deaths until the guards are able to fend off the invaders.

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